I get no sleep

I laugh and cry and generally am an emotional wreck.

Atheist, Intersectional Feminist. Bones, Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Darren Criss, Glee, politics, art, food, and various other tv shows, movies, people, and causes I like.

I have an addiction to capslock.

I love Harry Potter but hate (to the core of my soul) the movies.

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fem-wolf’s questions for me:

1. Have you ever been obsessed with a phone app or game? What was it?
Yes.  Many.  Including but not limited to: skyburger, draw something, zombie highway, tiny sheep, cookie dozer, and word warp.

2. Do you like happy puppies or happy people more?
Okay, this is so easy.  PUPPIES.  Always dogs over people.  Most pets over people in fact.  Happy fluffy things are what keep me alive. 

3. What is a website you go on at least once a week besides social media?
This might be a cheat, but Google. 

4. Describe your favorite photo that you have taken?
The first one that comes to mind is a picture I took of my late dog.  She’s sitting in the bright green summer grass in my back yard and she’s turning her head to the side to stiff the air.  She looks simply stunning - as usual. 

5. If you were getting a cat tomorrow what would you name it?
It would depend on the cat. But most likely the name would be a Shakespearean or historical reference.  Maybe named after a character in a book. 

6. What was the best thing about your day today so far?
Ugh, I hate to be a downer, but nothing.  I’ve been having some pretty bummingaround days and I haven’t done anything today that I would say was really great.  Nothing too terrible either.  Most of the day has been on the same level of boring. 

7. What tv/movie character do you relate most to and why?
The first character that comes to mind is Elliot from Scrubs. I always felt really connected her. She’s frazzled, emotional, struggling, cries a lot, and also so intelligent and strong. I completely understand her character and love her and relate to her despite our completely different backgrounds and views. 

If this had been tv/movie/book character though, I would have picked Holden Caulfield. 

8. Name a song that has made you cry before.
Literally, so many, especially since I went through a terrible break up, but I’ll just list one: One More Time With Feeling by Regina Spektor. 

9. What would your ideal handbag/backpack/purse/briefcase look like? (Not limited to non-fictional properties)
Oh god. “Not limited to non-fictional properties!!!?” IT WOULD BE BIGGER ON THE INSIDE.  DUH.  And weigh a consistent 2lbs, no matter what I put in it.  And it would be made of repurposed leather from an old leather whatever.  It would be black or dark brown.  It would have many pockets, including one that fits a water bottle on the side.  It would have removable straps as well as handles that are long enough to wear as a tote.  And the straps could be adjusted to be worn as a backpack or a messenger bag.  It would have little metal feet on the bottom.  And either have a flap or zipper to protect well from rain.  I would be able to fit my laptop in it.  It would be super cute and fashionable.  THIS IS THE DREAM. 

10. If you could have any object from a video game what would it be?
I’m gonna say a pokeball with a Pidgeot in it.  Is that cheating? 

11. What would (does) your superhero outfit look like?
It would have to be both practical and comfortable.  If I were a superhero… Well, I have a hard time imagining myself as a superhero, but let’s just say I’m something like Blackwidow.  So then I’d be fighting a lot.  So it’d be something that covers my whole body.  It’d be Black I guess.  NOT A JUMPSUIT because that is not comfortable or practical (hello going to the bathroom).  I hate pants, but my legs need protection, so pants.  —High waisted, because I find those to be the most comfortable.  I would wear a black tank top, and a light black jacket. And very comfortable shoes.  Everything would have a lot of pockets that zipper shut. And nothing is too loose or tight.  Seriously, practicality and comfort above all else for a superhero outfit. 


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On my tone again


Regarding your response to the ‘On My Tone’ submission… you are a misandrist. You generalise men as if they all talk down to you and make you feel inferior. Then you excuse your own attitudes to others by saying ‘well, that’s men talk to me’. Maybe you just need to leave LA eh?

Aww, poor baby. Did I generalize you?

I’m proud of you for trying to use your big-boy words, but your overwhelming need to put me in my place for being mouthy pretty much proves my point about how you guys typically talk to us.

Oh, and for the record, it’s not that I’m a misandrist. It’s that you feel so entitled to constant, positive reinforcement of your male ego, you can’t tell the difference between a woman who doesn’t give a shit and a woman filled with actual contempt for men.

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On people against feminism


What do you think about all the people who don’t understand feminism? Especially the women who supposedly “are against feminism because they don’t hate men”? Should we argue or is it a lost cause?

No, we shouldn’t argue. We should teach. We should enlighten. We should in the friendliest of spirits and without the slightest trace of condescension drop so much fucking knowledge on those people that it crushes their flawed and simplistic understanding of gender politics.

We should be patient in the face of ignorance until we know for sure that it is willful. We should give them every opportunity to change their minds, because at the end of the day, very few people are built around a core of malignant, incurable misogyny. Very few people have a world view so grotesque that they actually believe women should be subjugated. Very few people will openly admit that equality isn’t a noble pursuit — especially women for whom so often their only fault is being misguided about the fundamental concepts.

No one is a lost cause until we find out for sure that their identity is tied to an aggressively misogynistic belief system, and when we come across those broken souls, we don’t argue. That’s wasted breath. We simply mark them with red flags and keep them at arm’s length, because those are the ones who aren’t safe to be around.